Education for Union Members

There are three different kinds of education offered to CUPE members.

Job Related Education:  Is a joint CUPE and School District fund;

  1. The course directly relates to the performance of the duties in the employees’ current position or another active CUPE 379 position.
  2. The course maintains or improves the employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry out the job duties in their current position or another active CUPE 379 position as outlined in the job description.

Each member holding a permanent position may apply for a course fee reimbursment to a maximum of $500 per year, with a limit of 5 courses per year. Casual employees can also apply for reimbursement but their applications will be put ‘on hold’ until the May meeting and if there are funds remaining in the budget.

Community and Continuing Education: These are courses offered through Burnaby Continuing Education. There are guidelines for participation in these courses. Please contact BCCE for more information, registration and  the list of courses that are available.

CUPE Union Education: These are courses focused on CUPE issues and initiatives to help you get to know your Union and how it works. CUPE Local 379 will provide information whenever possible about upcoming courses. Education courses are on a first come first serve basis and weeklong schools will be limited to a maximum of 3 members. Priority will be given to CUPE 379 Executive members whom apply for a course that will enable them to better their representation of the membership. Before applying for Union Education, You need to contact the Union Office.