Update Newsletter – September 2022


#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700,  email: office@cupe379.ca,

web page: cupe379.ca

 NOTICE: Local Bargaining priorities will be discussed at Oct 15th General Meeting

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Dorothy Lenaghan,  Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Sharlene Desbiens,  Susan Hajek, Erin Akers, Nicole Braun

Excused- Tommy Fagan, Drew Parris, Michael Vanderlans, Alex Quenano

Indigenous Welcome

Equality Statement

New Members: 28

Clerical:  Vanessa Feng, Rebecca Yu, Jessica Lidder, Nicole Regio

EA: Ronalyn Danbrook, Fei Wang, Hayley Fox, Chi Fox, Haley Howe, Shijo Jose, Laura Kaluma, Melia Citra, Ho Yan Leung, Amanda Robinson, Courtney Whittred, Raquel Cunanan, Pavan Aujla, Simon Williams, Sitti Sanchez, Andrea Pandya,

Student Supervisors:  Kain Ortiz

Custodians: Peter Buyser, Rano Gill, Sarbjit Johal

Electrician: Rajesh Hira

Carpenter: Jon Finlayson

Sign Language Interpreter: Rebecca Neild

TEMP Help Desk: Trenton Wong

Minutes June 11, 2022

Accepted as corrected.



Treasurer’s Report for June 2022

Income for the month   $91,682.18

Expenses for the month   $103,661.56

Deficit $11,979.38

Accepted as Reported


Treasurer’s Report for July 2022

Income for the month $102,106.39

Expenses for the month $77,884.91

Surplus $24,221.48

Accepted as Reported


Treasurer’s Report for August 2022

Income for the month $65,470.95

Expenses for the month $61,491.66

Surplus $3,979.29

Accepted as Reported


Pay the Bills for June, July & August 2022

Accepted as reported.


-2022 Scholarship Winners- Djordje Milojkovic, Sonya Tsou, Giancarlo Giuseppe Garcea, Stefania Barakaeva

-Burnaby Camping Bureau – Donation Request

-Thank you letters…

Presidents Report

Paul has been in Provincial Bargaining and as the news has reported, we have reached a tentative agreement.  On Wednesday the Provincial team will be meeting with the Provincial K-12 to accept it.

Once that is accepted, then we go to local bargaining.  We will then bring it back next month what we will be voting on and what we will be presenting to the Board for local bargaining.  This will not be emailed out.  We will meet and discuss on zoom.   The Provincial Agreement has been released.  If you have input for local bargaining you need to email the office by Oct 12th for the committee to discuss.  September 19, all fulltime will be paid, and continuing positions will be paid.  Unfortunately, the on call/casual will not be paid.

There is new language on the right to refuse unsafe work.  If you feel unsafe you have the right to refuse.  In the past they would send someone else to do the work.  That is a problem for us as they weren’t remedying the situation.  Now we need a letter from the employer stating why it is now safe to do the work.  The union will use what is in writing to defend our rights if someone is placed in an unsafe position.  If you feel unsafe you need to understand your rights and report it by email to your administrator and copy to the union office.

CHIEF SHOP STEWARD– Michael Vanderlans

A few minor grievances ongoing.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Michael Vanderlans

If you are on the H&S committee, you must be trained within the first 3 months.  The district will provide it but if they haven’t the union can provide additional as well. Please bring any concerns to your site health and safety.  If you don’t get your concern addressed, please contact the office and we will bring it to the District H & S committee.

Union Education

Courses are available to take.  Go to CUPE BC website to see what courses are available. You must apply through CUPE 379 Union office.  If you are approved, your wages and course will be covered by the union.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek/Jamie Harsch

The course does not need to be specific to the position you currently have but it must be applicable to CUPE 379 job descriptions.  When you send in your application you will be notified a day or so after the committee meets with their decision, even if your payout will be at the end of the year.  If you do not hear back from the committee, contact the Union Office to make sure your application was received.  If you do not follow up and leave it for the following year you may not get paid out.  The meeting dates of the Committee and the form with the criteria are on the CUPE 379 website.

We are starting with our $20,000.00 for the year.  Each member can apply up to $500.00

As well as, our contract allows our members to take a Burnaby Continuing Ed Course for minimal cost.  If the course is not full our members can take the course for free but may need to pay for supplies.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Shona Kelly

Jobs are reviewed every 5 years.

The next meeting is at the end of the month.  The next cycle will now start.


Bureau of camping asking for a Donation.

Will be taken to the donation committee.

Unfinished Business

I want to address the custodian issues.  The budget was going to cut positions.  The union has been advocating to get answers since the original budget cut was proposed.  There are work load formulas that the union is in the process of addressing, we are still trying to find solutions.

Budget cuts are on the district website under Board reports.

New Business

New members pay their fees to the union office and the next general meeting your name will be on the list and you will have your initiation at the next zoom meeting.

Good of the Union

Simi, thanked CUPE BC for sending the recipients to the BC Lions game.

Snowball is at $100.00 K. P. would have won if they were