Update Newsletter – September 2021

CUPE Local 379 Update September 2021

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Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Dorothy Lenaghan, Nicole Braun, Janine Hajek, Drew Parris, Mike Vanderlans, Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Alex Quenano, Sharlene Desbiens

Absent – Susan Hajek, Janine Hajek, Richard Tonn

Guest – Kirsten Daub – National CUPE REP

Acknowledging Traditional Territory

Equality Statement

New Members will be done at the next meeting.

Minutes of June 12, 2021

Accepted as reported



Treasurer’s Report for June 2021

Income for the month – $99,773.98

Expenses for the month $100,159.34

Deficit $385.36

Accepted as reported


Treasurer’s Report for July 2021

Income for the month – $100,612.03

Expenses for the month $84,320.90

Surplus $16,291.13

Accepted as reported


Treasurer’s Report for August 2021

Income for the month – $66,583.12

Expenses for the month $44,267.38

Surplus $16,291.13

Accepted as reported


Pay the Bills for June, July and August 2021

Accepted as reported.


Thank you from retirees – Mary Pitassi, Cathering Jung

The CUPE 379 Scholarship recipients – Alex Balbino, Ellie Sui, Karni Kochkrian and Alice Xie.

Presidents Report

Welcome to our new CUPE National rep Kirsten Daub.

Masks mandate for high schools has not been an issue.  Everyone seems to be wearing it.  Elementary is not mandated but students seem to be wearing them.  Masks were a huge thing to protect our members.  We haven’t heard any issues so we are hoping that means the mask wearing is working.

Any concerns should be brought to your H&S committee at your site.

Difficult situations can lead to injuries.  They need to be reported.  Reporting injuries is the easiest way we can implement changes and get safety plans changed. Doesn’t matter the frequency, just make sure every incident reported.

LIF and how it works.  It is not scheduled work, it is to be mutually agreed on usage between you and the teacher or admin.  Please contact the union for further information if needed.

Vaccine passport – How this applies to our membership.  How it will affect our members, is when you leave the school for an event with your class, field trip or any place that you have to prove you are double vaccinated.  You are not required to be vaccinated and you can work in the school but if you are not double vaccinated you won’t be able to participate in these events that require double vaccine.  You will be reassigned other work at the site if you cannot attend.  It has been proven that the unvaccinated are spreading and causing the 4th wave.  Vaccines don’t make you immune to COVID 100% but does protect us from death most serious illness.  At this time there is no mandatory vaccine requirement…..but there is a potential that it can be mandatory for K-12.  If this happens we can’t fight it if they decide to implement this.  We are controlled by the government mandates.

We have way too many members doing unpaid work.  You won’t get any further ahead when you do unpaid work.  You won’t be compensated and special arrangements may not be upheld.  By our contract unpaid work will not be permitted.  If extra hours are needed, they need to be paid for us to prove that the additional hours are needed.  HR understands the hours you work but the individual schools are having employees change their hours which must adhere to your actual paid hours.  If you are being asked by your school to work more minutes, please contact the union as you need to not work unpaid hours.

If you are putting on your time card for actual hours you work and are paid the extra minutes you work, great, work it.  If you are not being paid for those minutes, that is when you don’t need to work the extra minutes.  The union does have a good relationship with the Board and management.


Custodial cuts, we still have day time custodial.  We do have a few non-school sites without day custodial.  We have a strong executive who many times can have a situation resolved with a simple call.  Please contact the union office 1st and then you will be assigned a shop steward by the union office.


There has been a lot of anxiety around masks and vaccines and vaccine passports.  We are happy that the Grade 4-12 are wearing masks.  Thank you to the plumbers who help to install additional sinks.  For the vaccine passports, no information other than a green or red screen to indicate that you can enter or not is shown.  NO information is divulged.

All incidences even little nicks or cuts, sprains no matter how small you think it is, should be reported.

NW District Labour Council

Nothing to report.

CUPE Metro 

Nothing to report


Most education is still online.  If you are interested, let us know.  You must be registered through our union office.  You cannot apply on your own.  It will be refused if you register on your own as the union has to pay the costs.  It is open to everyone, just contact the union office about your interest.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek

Approved to date is $18,295.03

Of that $4873.07 was approved for June 2021 payout

Paid out $10,263.14

Balance $9736.86

The Balance not used will be going back to the District on July 1, 2021.  I urge all members to send in their receipts to make sure they get paid out at the end of June.  The money does not roll over.

$500/year available to members.  New rules you can take a course that isn’t directly related to your job but can be for another position in the district.

Inspired Workplace Committee – Mental Health Committee

They are hoping to get the survey out soon to all staff in the district.  It will remain confidential.  And will take about 15 minutes to complete.  The results will be out around October, November this year.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

We met over the summer. Still a few outstanding issues.   New job evaluations will be coming out for review.  If you need more information, contact the union office.

Anti-Racism Committee– Simi Hundle

Nothing to report


Unfinished Business

For Continuing Education, to be able to take the courses free, you ask for the closing date and register 2 days before.  If there is a seat available you will be able to attend the course.

New Business

CUPE national convention nominations for November 2021

You must be double vaccinated, masks will be mandatory as it will be held in person in Vancouver.  There are 4 delegates and 1 Equity delegate available. UPDATE: CONVENTION WILL BE ONLINE

Convention Delegates are:  Shona Kelly, Simi Hundle, Tommy Fagan, Michael Vanderlans.

Equity Delegate: If you qualify for the diversity spot, please email the union office.  It will be assigned.

Good of the Union

Snowball is at $1500.00 – would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.

Snowball 2 is at $500.00 – would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.


In Attendance – 139 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Motion to stop the clock at 11:00 am


Meeting adjourned at 11:04 am

The next General Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 16th at 9:00 am.