Update Newsletter – November 2021


#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700, Text: 778-927-2873 (for deaf & hard of hearing only)  email: office@cupe379.ca,

web page: cupe379.ca

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Dorothy Lenaghan, Nicole Braun, Janine Hajek, Drew Parris, Mike Vanderlans, Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Sharlene Desbiens, Susan Hajek

Excused: Alex Quenano, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle

Acknowledging Traditional Territory

Equality Statement

New Members:

Basi, Manpreet,  EA

Gill, Mankirat, EA

Purganan, Aloha, EA

Smith, Thomas, Yes Worker

Wang, Hui (Kiki), EA

Wong, Megan, EA


Minutes of October 18, 2021

Accepted as amended


Treasurer’s Report for October 2021

Income for the month – $28,840.21

Expenses for the month $55,531.39

Accepted as reported


Pay the Bills for October 2021

Accepted as reported.


Donation request:  Alpha Secondary Dry Grad 2022.

Thank you’s from Maria Hansen & Teresa Farbridge (retirees)

Presidents Report

Paul introduces Executive, describes purpose of Union and expresses that we are here to support you. Please reach out if you need support. There are a lot of Shop Stewards and Executive members available to help you. Introduction of Kirsten Daub. Wednesday afternoon Board passed motion not to impose any vaccine mandate at this time. This is not a contractual issue. It is the boards right to do it. For the time being there is no mandate.

The next piece to discuss is bargaining. This is one of the most important pieces that the Union does. We have decided we will not be doing this until January. Provincial bargaining won’t start until the New Year. The amount of money we get locally is determined during provincial bargaining so there is no point in bargaining locally until the provincial bargaining is over. There is a provincial bargaining survey coming out and this will help impact what we bargain for. We have an SSIRE Survey that is out now, it is a provincial survey. There are rewards if you complete it. It is important, please take some time to complete it and you might just win some money! It will also provide important information for bargaining to allow us to drive our asks we have for the employer at the local level. I ask that when you see these surveys please participate and promote these surveys in the workplace. We have many members who do not attend every meeting and we would really like their input. We will hold departmental elections to elect department reps for bargaining. It will take about 2 hours outside of working hours. We will let you know when these meetings will be. This is your opportunity to communicate with us your concerns in your department.

There are a lot of people who are fearful of contacting the union for fear of falling out with management. This is not the case. In most cases it is confidential. Members are to be taking their coffee breaks and 30-minute unpaid lunch and in the Collective Agreement there is language around when theses are to be taken and how. We have an obligation to uphold the Collective Agreement, and this applies to everything. If you need a LOA or time off for a funeral. We can assist with this. Our only purpose is to support the members. We are here to make your workplace a safe and healthy place. We always strive to do better by increasing wages, benefits and better working conditions.

I need you to go back and let the other members in the school know. There are people who are not taking their coffee breaks, working past regular working hours and going above and beyond. This is not ok. Most of our staff are underpaid and overworked. If you are constantly being asked to stay late let us know and we will advocate for more hours. There have been cases where we have done this. Do not hesitate to help your coworkers and tell them to reach out to the union at office@cupe379.ca  and one of our stewards will reach out to you.

Chief Shop Steward

One Grievance outstanding in our Maintenance Dept. Thank you for your patience because on our end sometimes we are chasing down pieces. The stewards are really trying and we are getting a lot done. We have a good working relationship with management. Please keep contacting us. The best way to get a hold of a steward is through the office. My board email is out there but it is the worst way to get a hold of me. I do a lot with my phone but if you call the office, I will get back to you. We are happy to chase down any concerns that you may have.

Health & Safety

Paul had the biggest piece of news that the vaccine mandate will not be going through. I think the vaccine is great, but I think the mandate will cause many disruptions to service. Remember to wear masks, hand wash and hopefully we will continue the downward trend and get out of this covid rut. We are seeing a lot of general stress and burnout. Keep an eye on each other and check in and if you need help from our end please contact us. I’m happy to help.

There has been a fair bit of different information from different people in regards to what forms to fill out for injuries or incidents. If you get hurt, go to First Aid and if they aren’t filling out the paperwork properly then you call us, and we will make sure it’s getting done. If you have an injury where you are going to the Doctor or missing time, then the onus is on the worker to make sure the claim is active with WCB. They will then go back to see if your First Aid Attendant records are in place. The more information they have, the more success you have for a claim. I’ll put the contact info in the chat or you can go to WorkSafeBC online and find the information there.

You can also find these incident reporting forms on the SD41 Portal under health and safety.  The form 6A can be filled out but the fastest way is to call Worksafe, and they fill it out for you. WCB would then call the school. Your First Aid Report is the documentation to support your injury. Every month the Health & Safety committee should be reviewing any reports. Keep detailed notes and of who you spoke with and when and what you said. You can even do this on the 6A form and keep it for your records. There are two ways to do it but if you call WorkSafeBC directly then you know they have gotten the form instead of expecting the school to send it on your behalf.

The Incident Investigation Report does go to a different body than the 6A does. The 6A goes to WorkSafeBC. The Incident Investigation report is more of a log to track the incidents that happen and does not go to WorkSafeBC. The H&S at the school should be able to walk you through what forms are needed. A lot of 6A’s are being filled out incorrectly or incomplete and then were getting rejected. If you call WCB they will make sure it is complete and filled out correctly. I do encourage you to go to the Portal to view the forms and the flow chart. Familiarize yourself with these forms and procedures.

Union Education

3 applications, 2 were approved for union education.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek

Meeting on 18th of Nov. 2 reports last month.

Mental Health and Wellness Committee

Reminder to everyone that the survey that the district is putting out is confidential and voluntary and all CUPE staff will have the time to participate. Let your admin know if you need time to do this or a computer to do the survey. This is to be completed during work time and takes approximately 15 minutes. If you don’t have access to your email or have forgotten your password please contact helpdesk and get access. The district wants to hear from all the groups in the district so they can formulate plans to assist people with mental health.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

We are well past the 5-year cycle of completing all the jobs and most of the jobs have a more generic job description.

Unfinished Business – None

New Business

Drew P. – Motion to donate $2,500 to Greater Vancouver Food Bank. (Motion Carried)

Mary H. – Donate half the funds we normally spend on Children’s Christmas Party to the Burnaby Christmas Bureau. (Motion to refer. Paul will do calculations & come back with a dollar figure for Dec meeting. Mary would be happy with $5,000. Cheque will be sent immediately)

Mike V. – Motion to donate $2,500 to put together care packages for shelter residents (Motion Carried).

Good of the Union

Apology to members for clerical error in By-Laws with respect to upcoming Executive Elections in May. President and Recording Secretary are only positions up in May.

Reminder that we have our EFAP Program for financial aid, dietician, counselling etc. in case you need support anytime, but we do know the holidays can be a difficult time for some. This is a confidential service, and the board pays for it. This is something we negotiated. We are aware there are only 3 sessions of counselling provided but if you call HR and simply say “I need more sessions” it will be approved. If it is not, call this office and we will assist. You do not need to provide details of why you need this service, but it is there for you if you need it. Go to the district Staff portal and look up the EFAP Provider to see all of the services they do provide.

Snowball is at $1500.00 – N. C. would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.

Snowball 2 is at $700.00 – A. Y. would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.


In Attendance – 86

Meeting adjourned at 10:39am