Update Newsletter – May 2023

CUPE Local 379 Update May 2023

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CUPE Local 379 UPDATE MAY 2023

#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700,  email: office@cupe379.ca, web page: cupe379.ca

General Meeting – May 13, 2023

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Drew Parris, Michael Vanderlans, Dorothy Lenaghan, Erin Akers, Nicole Braun, Susan Hajek, Sharlene Desbiens, Celeste Howard, Richard Tonn

New Members:

New members if you have not paid your $10.00 fee please send it to the union office in the Red District Bag or in the mail.

Rebecca Buhler EA

Melanee Cacho EA

Lisa Di Tosto Clerical

Sze Wai Lee   Student Supervisor

Belinda Mackinnon  EA

Jonnah Fe Marin    EA

Rhona Menor  EA

Qianhui (Sophia) Sun  Payroll

Pooja Verma  Student Supervisor

Fan Wang

Julie Wang  Purchasing


Minutes of April 15, 2023



Treasurer’s Report for April 2023

Income for the month $128,498.14

Expenses – $88,937.28

Surplus – $39,560.86


Pay the Bills for April 2023





Nominees- Michael Vanderlans      Sharlene Desbiens

Sharlene Desbiens is the successful nominee.

Member at Large

Nominees – Erin Akers     Celeste Howard

Erin withdrew her name and Celeste is the successful nominee.

Secretary Treasurer

Simi Hundle

Custodial – Drew Parris & Jamie Harsch

Direct student Support – Nicole Braun & Erin Akers

Clerical – Susan Hajek,

Grounds/IT – Michael Vanderlans

Trades – Sandro Palitti

Thank you to Alex Quenano, Dorothy Lenaghan for your dedication and work as Shop Stewards.

Tommy Fagan our outgoing Vice President, thank you for all the personal hours you have given to the union.  Tommy in return thanks all our members for the support.

Presidents Report

A couple of big things for EA’s and clerical.  We will get a 6.75% increase in pay July 1, 2023.  We also got extra funding for OSC Hours.  There is an amalgamation of positions that will be posted.  We don’t get to dictate the hours.  We negotiated the Extra money for hours but the board decides the allotment.  Clerical need to only work their hours or the admin won’t know if you are overworked and needing support.

The new benefit package for July 1, https://bcschools.cupe.ca/ available here

The next item is the EA’s – Increase of LIF time starting in September.  30 hours for EAIII and Secondary EA’s

29.28 hours for Elementary EA’s.   There are only 10 EA’s being laid off, so not a lot of movement this year.  If you are in a long term casual position let us know, if it is a posted position you will get the benefits.  As a casual you won’t.

Leave of Absences has been a regular problem for us. The board is saying no and they aren’t guaranteed.  Contact the union office if you are needing assistance with this.

Collective agreement, no we don’t have a hard copy yet, yes it is taking a long time but we are waiting for the final draft.  There will be limited copies printed.

CHIEF SHOP STEWARD– Michael Vanderlans

There are a lot of people applying for leaves and being denied.  We can try and help, each situation is unique as per the reason of the leave.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Michael Vanderlans

Michael showed a video that was at the CUPE convention from an EA that was having to do unsafe work.

Paul stood up to fight for more to be done to support EA’s and unsafe work.

Contact the union office if you need support for any health and safety issue that isn’t being dealt with at your worksite.  Each site has an H&S committee.

Union Education – Simi Hundle

We do have a few applications, but we will have to send the new shop stewards first as we have a limited budget.  We do have a few members taking union online courses.

Courses are available to take.  Go to CUPE BC website to see what courses are available. You must apply thru CUPE 379 Union office.  If you are approved, your wages and course will be covered by the union.  Courses have deadlines.  If you were declined reapply for the next session.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek/Jamie Harsch

The committee has paid out $8269.47 leaving a balance of $11,730.53 still available which will be sent back to the board if it is not used.  The next meeting is May 18, 2023.  The course does not need to be specific to the position you currently have but it must be applicable to CUPE 379 job descriptions.  When you send in your application you will be notified a day or so after the committee meets with their decision, even if your payout will be at the end of the year.  If you do not hear back from the committee, contact the Union Office to make sure your application was received.  If you do not follow up and leave it for the following year you may not get paid out.  The meeting dates of the Committee and the form with the criteria are on the CUPE 379 website.  Each member can apply up to $500.00

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

Nothing to report.

Uniform Committee

Nothing to report.

Unfinished business

Nothing to report.

New Business

Motion to donate $2500.oo to the food bank.


Good of the Union

Tommy wishes all the moms a beautiful Mother’s day tomorrow.

Sharlene thanked the union for sending the members to convention.

Snowball is at $500.00

If ____ was in attendance they would have won.

Attendance – 104 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:52 am