Update Newsletter June 2022

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Dorothy Lenaghan, Nicole Braun, Drew Parris, Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Sharlene Desbiens, Alex Quenano, Susan Hajek, Michael Vanderlans

 Guest– Kirsten Daub – National Rep

Indigenous Welcome

Equality Statement

New Members: 9

EA- Latasha Isaacs

Clerical – Rachel Au, Charis Broadbent, Cassie Ou, Javier Tang, Faye Zhong

Labour – Kasper Blyt

Student Supervisor – Patricia Vadala, Veronika Polanska

Minutes May 14, 2022

Accepted as reported.



Treasurer’s Report for May 2022



Surplus – $26,603.08

Accepted as reported


Pay the Bills for May 2022

Accepted as reported.


LIF Agreement

LTA Agreement

Report from the Trustees

Thank you from Shirley Henn

Presidents Report

The big item outstanding is bargaining.  The provincial table is still on a pause.  We had hoped for some movement but doesn’t look like anytime soon.  It will be likely the fall and that will push back the local bargaining as well.  We will bring everything to the membership, it just has been delayed due to the Provincial level delay.  That ties in the LTA and LIF.  Every time an EA is hired the amount is reduced as it is divided amongst the total EA group.  We are still asking for more funding to the LIF, pushing for it provincially.  The extra 18 min in the LTA fund for members to be at schools from bell to bell.  HVAC differential is also being funded from the LTA fund.   These should be from the District Operational fund but to have those covered we had to use money available to the union.  EA’s next year will only be 75 extra minutes.  It isn’t acceptable but is what it is at the moment.  We are looking for extra funds in the agreement that will have to be allocated and voted on.  LIF funds are not to be used for Scheduled work.  Not to allow you to work until the bell schedule etc.  It is for you if you had to stay late due to late pick up or early drop off or IEP etc.  If you feel you are not allowed to use it properly, please contact the Union Office for assistance.

We are pushing to have before and after school daycare staffed by EA’s.  Pre K care is ECC and different qualifications.  We as the union are pushing to have 2 EA’s for 7-9, 2 EA’s for 3-5 for before and after school aged children daycare that the districts are setting up.  This would give EA’s more hours.

At the moment we are not at a position to Strike.  BCGEU is in a position to take a strike vote but not us.  We are hoping they will get an offer that would benefit us.  We would bring it to the membership and it is up to the membership to vote on it and decide what they want to do.  At this point we don’t have an offer to bring forward.

CHIEF SHOP STEWARD– Michael Vanderlans

We need to talk about COVID. A lot of people have moved on from COVID but it still exists.  If you get COVID, and believe it was at work, you can apply for Work Safe.   If there are any confirmed cases at the school and they will look in to it to get it approved.  We have had Work Safe approve cases but the board refused them.  We challenged it and they were approved.  If you get approved, your sick bank will be reversed for time used for COVID illness.

There are still surplus letters going out that positions are changing and the member has bumping rights.  If you have any questions please contact the union office.  We will help you through the process.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Michael Vanderlans

Please bring any concerns to your site health and safety.  If you don’t get your concern addressed, please contact the office and we will bring it to the District H & S committee.

Union Education

Courses are available to take.  Go to CUPE BC website to see what courses are available. You must apply through CUPE 379 Union office.  If you are approved, your wages and course will be covered by the union.

We are planning to send newly elected shop stewards for training.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek/Jamie

Pre-Approved     $15,926.19

Paid Out              $ 10,890.99

Balance                $9,109.01

The course does not need to be specific to the position you currently have but it must be applicable to CUPE 379 job descriptions.  When you send in your application you will be notified day or so after the committee meets with their decision, even if your payout will be at the end of the year.  If you do not hear back from the committee, contact the Union Office to make sure your application was received.  If you do not follow up and leave it for the following year you may not get paid out.  The meeting dates of the Committee and the form with the criteria are on the CUPE 379 website.

Mental Health and Wellness Committee– Susan Hajek

The Committee met on June 10, 2022.  The committee reviewed and analyzed in detail the results of the survey taken by all District employees that participated.  The committee has learned a lot about the needs and is taking the next step to be responsive to those needs.  The next step the committee will undertake over the summer is to research best practices implemented throughout other districts in the metro area.

The membership will be kept updated throughout this process and steps towards implementable actions to be taken.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Shona Kelly

Jobs are reviewed every 5 years.  We met last week and had 2 jobs up for consideration.  The board is not budging.  We are having to fight for these positions.  September will be the next meeting.

Trustees – The trustees read their report, and found the books to be in good order and included recommendations.  Questions and answers were discussed.


Election– Member at Large –

Nominations:   Jamie Harsch, Erin Akers, Abel Ayala

Successful Nomination: Erin Akers

Unfinished business

Nothing to report.

New Business

Motion to donate $2500 to the Local Food Bank


Good of the Union

A moment of silence for members who have recently passed away.

Asian Heritage month was last month and we would like to recognize this.

This month is Pride Month and we would like it to be recognized.

Snowball 1 is at $1500.00 –    Richard Tonn – won as he attended the zoom meeting.

Snowball 2 is at $1400.00 –   Antonella Sanders won as she attended the zoom meeting.

In Attendance – 105 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:54 am

BC Lion Football tickets won by

Ivy Chung

Kelsey Marsland- Anderson

Shilpa Prasad

Maria Melo

Janice Brown