Update Newsletter – December 2022

CUPE Local 379 Update December 2022

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#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700, email: office@cupe379.ca, web page: cupe379.ca

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Drew Parris, Michael Vanderlans, Dorothy Lenaghan, Erin Akers, Nicole Braun, Alex Quenano, Richard Tonn, Sharlene Desbiens, Susan Hajek

Guest – Kirsten Daub – National Rep

Indigenous Welcome

Equality Statement

New Members: 11

New members if you have not paid your $10.00 fee please send it to the Union office in the Red District Bag or in the mail.

Student Supervisor – Maria Masi, Julie Somers

Clerical – Emily Sugiyama, Sunny Sun Ju Woo, Laurice Jarlega, Danielle Porter

Food Service – Maria Gunner

Indigenous Education – Madison Stewart

EA – Nicholas Brancati, Ektarina Rogatina

Custodian – Evelyn Lipus


Accepted New members

Minutes for November 12, 2022

Accepted as Reported



Treasurer’s Report for November 2022

Income for the month   $92,026.85

Expenses for the month   $107,482.85

Deficit $15,456

Accepted as Reported


Pay the Bills for November 2022

Accepted as reported.


Donation request from Cariboo Hill Dry Grad

Donation Request from Alpha Secondary Dry Grad

Donation Burnaby Christmas Bureau

Donation Burnaby Children’s Fund

Thank you from Brenda Walters (retired)

Presidents Report

UPDATE- Our collective agreement has been ratified by all parties and new wages should be applied shortly with back pay administered in the New Year (to help pay off that Christmas debt)

For the last year I have been giving reports on bargaining.  We did settle provincially a while ago.  We have now just completed our local bargaining and ready to present it to you to ratify today at 11:00am

At convention we were able to talk to other locals and see what is working and what isn’t.  It empowers some of our ideas moving forward. The next one I am happy is to report is the custodial grievance.  Sometimes they take a direction of their own and sometimes it takes management to see how we see it.  Through budget cuts we had custodians affected, it was a process and we wanted to make it right and from a side bar at bargaining I was called to talk to Management, Management has agreed to reverse the cuts that were for the high schools.  Every high school will have their full custodial team.

CHIEF SHOP STEWARD- Michael Vanderlans

A lot of our situations get resolved at stage one.  Sometimes it just takes a conversation and the grievance is resolved.  Custodial was the only one that went past stage one.  Lately, claims of harassment, it does happen, but please call the office before you pursue this so that we can help you and review it.  If something feels weird and you just want to know about, please call the office.  We are here to answer your questions and to support you.  If you are ever unsure of something, please do call the office.   The board office does not have a problem for members contacting the Union.  They know we are supporting our members and answering questions.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Michael Vanderlans

If you are on the H&S committee, you must be trained within the first 3 months.  The district will provide it but if they haven’t the Union can provide additional as well. Please bring any concerns to your site health and safety.  If you don’t get your concern addressed, please contact the office and we will bring it to the District H & S committee.  Holidays are coming and can be a tough time for people.  Ask for help if you need it.  With the weather changing, be careful.  Please report any concerns to your committee at your site.  Five days paid for dealing with domestic abuse and up to 15 days unpaid to deal with your situation.

Union Education – Simi Hundle

Courses are available to take.  Go to CUPE BC website to see what courses are available. You must apply thru CUPE 379 Union office.  If you are approved, your wages and course will be covered by the Union. No applications at the moment.  There is also Winter School coming in January.

Job Related Education– Susan Hajek/Jamie Harsch

The course does not need to be specific to the position you currently have but it must be applicable to CUPE 379 job descriptions.  When you send in your application you will be notified a day or so after the committee meets with their decision, even if your payout will be at the end of the year.  If you do not hear back from the committee, contact the Union Office to make sure your application was received.  If you do not follow up and leave it for the following year you may not get paid out.  The meeting dates of the Committee and the form with the criteria are on the CUPE 379 website.  Each member can apply up to $500.00

Last meeting was November 25, 2022.  The committee pre-approved 3 applications and paid out on 17 completed courses.

To date we have paid out $3,479.58 for this fiscal year with a remaining balance of $16,520.42.

Submit your application to the Union office before the next meeting December 16, 2022 please make sure your application is filled out properly, signed and dated and sent to the Union Office with supporting documents.

As well, our contract allows our members to take a Burnaby Continuing Ed Course for minimal cost.  If the course is not full our members can take the course for free but may need to pay for supplies.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

We haven’t had a meeting in months.  If your job changes we look at the job and make sure the job description matches what your job entails.  All jobs are reviewed every 5 years.

Donations- They have all been passed with our unofficial/official with our standing donations.  All are $500 historically.  Ones like food bank are $2500.

SOGI CUPE REP – Joanna Pallister

There are resources in the district to support SOGI to support LGBQT students.  We need to support some of these students as their homes aren’t always accepting.  The students appreciate the Inclusive dance and the Pride Float at the parade.

Unfinished business

Nothing to report.

New Business

Motion to donate $2500 to Burnaby Community Services.


BTA/Mingler – People who attended did enjoy it.  The request by the BTA came late to help sponsor.  We try to bring that up ahead of time.  We wanted our members to attend and enjoy it.

Motion to fund the CUPE portion of the Mingler.


Good of the Union

Snowball is at $400.00   Greg Proctor won for attending.

Thank you for sending the 6 members to the BCFED convention

BTA/CUPE Mingler was on Thursday at the Royal Palace Hall.  Those that attended enjoyed it.

One of our new members won the 50/50 at the Mingler.

Attendance – 141 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:39 am

New link for the ratification meeting at 11:00 am.

Wishing all CUPE members a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!