Update newsletter – December 2021

CUPE Local 379 Update December 2021.doc


#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700, Text: 778-927-2873 (for deaf & hard of hearing only)  email: office@cupe379.ca, web page: cupe379.ca

Roll Call
Present –Paul Simpson, Tommy Fagan, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Dorothy Lenaghan, Nicole Braun, Janine Hajek, Drew Parris, Mike Vanderlans, Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Sharlene Desbiens

Excused- Alex Quenano, Susan Hajek

Acknowledging Traditional Territory

Equality Statement

New Members:

Amadeo, Jeff

Elmakayed, Nada

Grewal, Pardeep Kaur

Hatakeyaina, Ayaka

Hu, Henna Tien Huei

Lo, Karina


Mboko, Francoise Kongo

McColl, Dustin

Nguyen, Pauline

Paulsen, Shelby

Rezo, Rona

Wright, Ashley

Zubair, Maryam


Minutes of November 13, 2021

Accepted as amended



Treasurer’s Report for November 2021

Income for the month – $100,844.08

Expenses for the month $68,022.84

Surplus $32,821.24

Accepted as reported


Pay the Bills for November 2021

Accepted as reported.


Donation request from BC Federation of Labour 26th Annual Labour Community Christmas Dinner

Presidents Report

Provincial bargaining Survey is very relevant to our upcoming bargaining.  We really need you to complete this survey.  The provincial table which is governed by the Presidents K-12 council.  It is where most of the big ticket issues are dealt with.  So this survey will play a huge roll in our bargaining.  The local bargaining will take direction from the members.  A topic that has come up is the LWOP to deal with thru bargaining.  We don’t have the legal grounds to grieve them as the employer has a right to manage this.  10 month employees have more restrictions for time off than 12 month employees.  Hours of work and break schedules.  Current issues of not taking breaks is against the collective agreement.  You can’t be compensated for not taking your breaks.  All members need to take their breaks.  If you are not being allowed to take your breaks, please call the union office.

COVID- is still real.  There is one school district with a Covid Vaccine mandate.  The K-12 Presidents council came to an agreement on terms for vaccine mandate.  If we do go to a vaccine mandate, we have come to an agreement that there will be no layoffs.  There are 2 options for unvaccinated, rapid testing or LWOP.

Get to know the collective agreement it is important for your benefit.

Bargaining survey is at https://bcschools.cupe.ca/

CHIEF SHOP STEWARD– Michael Vanderlans

We get lots of calls and we are here to help you.  All questions and concerns welcome.  Please call the Union office if you need assistance.

HEALTH & SAFETY – Michael Vanderlans

It is important to follow the correct steps.  6a form is crucial to fill out whether small or big.   Everything should be reported.  See your First Aid attendant and fill in the 6a form.  Members on their H& S committee, you are to have the training within the first 6 months, if you need assistance, please contact the union office.    In the past if you were in close to someone with COVID, you were in the past paid but that has been rescinded.  You will need to use your sick time.  If you are getting your booster you can still use up to 3 hours.  If you are taking a family member for a vaccine that is a LWOP.

NW District

Nothing to report.

CUPE Metro 

Nothing to report


Education will be going back to in person.  If you are interested, let us know.  You must be registered thru our union office.  You cannot apply on your own.  It will be refused if you register on your own as the union has to pay the costs.  It is open to everyone, just contact the union office about your interest.

Job related Education– Susan Hajek

Pre Approved $5954.70

Paid Out:  $3154.70

Balance:  $16,845.30

The course does not need to be specific to the position you currently have but it must be applicable to CUPE 379 job descriptions.  Refer to the criteria on the back of the application form.

When you send in your application you will be notified a day or so after the committee meets of their decision, even if your payout will be at the end of the year.  If you do not hear back from the committee contact the Union Office to make sure your application was received.  If you do not follow up and leave it for the following year you may not get paid out.  The meeting dates of the Committee and the form with the criteria are on the CUPE379 website.  Next meeting is December 16, 2021.

Inspired Workplace Committee – Changed name to Mental Health and Wellness Committee

The survey has gone out.  895 have responded. Reminder to everyone to get this done so our voices can be heard.  It is open until December 17th.

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

We haven’t had a meeting but are hoping we will meet in January.  Job evaluation is done every 5 years.

Unfinished business

Nothing to report

New Business

Nothing to report

Good of the Union

Sharlene thanked CUPE 379 for sending her and the delegation to the CUPE convention.

Snowball is at $1500.00 – RL would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.

Snowball 2 is at $800.00 – LR would have been won if they had joined the zoom meeting.


In Attendance – 94 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:24 am.

Happy New Year!