Update Newsletter – April 2021

CUPE Local 379 Update April 2021

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CUPE Local 379 UPDATE APRIL 2020

#102-4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby, V5A OC6  

Phone: 604-257-4700, Text: 778-927-2873 (for deaf & hard of hearing only)  email: office@cupe379.ca, web page: cupe379.ca

Roll Call
Present – Paul Simpson, Patti Tonks, Simi Hundle, Dorothy Lenaghan, Nicole Braun, Janine Hajek, Susan Hajek, Drew Parris, Mike Vanderlans, Richard Tonn, Shona Kelly, Alex Quenano

Absent – Tommy Fagan, Sharlene Desbiens,

Acknowledging Traditional Territory

Equality Statement

19 New Members

Waad Chaho, Lobsang Chodon, Daoust, Edwin Espina, Richard Gagaoin, Srah Kae, Tenzin Kumphel, Min-Chi lee, Sarah Luo, Daniel Luong, Toni Majetic, Amandeep Kaur Mann,  Concetta Medeiros, Shukria Murad, Margaret Pokory, Shahnaz Talei Ardakani, Sacha Thompson, Benedicto Uniforme, Patrice Webb

Motion to accept membership.


Minutes of March 13, 2021

Accepted as reported



Treasurer’s Report for March 2021

Income for the month – $88,434.50

Expenses for the month $81,333.20

Surplus $7101.30

Accepted as reported


Pay the Bills for March 2021

Accepted as reported.


Donation Request from Moscrop Dry Grad

Presidents Report

The executive meets prior to the general meeting and discuss all current grievances and stewards workload.  We have been really busy.  A couple of big items I want to discuss.  The budget is the first thing. Our budget has not been released, but I am sure many of you have heard the financial problems in Surrey.   Adding day time custodians have been the big expense for the other districts.  In Burnaby the budget already had day time custodians, so we aren’t affected as much.  The other factor is the International students and Facility rentals not happening have affected our budget, we will hear how it is going to affect us in May.  Clerical and trades have not seen an increase in staff and are feeling the shortage.  With the vaccines coming out we aren’t sure what is happening with the funding for the touch point cleaners.  The last big change with COVID is Grade 4-12 now wearing masks.  The new rule is when there is an outbreak in a business they will be shut down.  This does not affect schools.  We have had a bunch of cohorts shut down last week.  The members that were affected by those cohorts being shut down will be kept whole and won’t have to use their sick time and will be paid by the Board.  Late May all the EA postings will come up.  If you didn’t get your CUPE mask, please email the CUPE office and we will get them out to you.   The Provincial K-12 are starting to have department meetings to prepare for next year’s negotiations. Please check the link below for the dates of your department meeting and you must register for them.      https://bcschools.cupe.ca


Lots of phone calls and issues but we are dealing with them as quickly as possible.  The stewards are working hard for you and unfortunately, sometimes we have to tell you things that you don’t always want to hear.  We are volunteers and trying our best to work for you.


We did not have a meeting this month.  There are a lot of COVID cases.  Please stay vigilant with protocols, Keep your distance, wear your mask and wash your hands.  Vaccines are starting for the public, we are still waiting for the district to get them and have asked for all employees in the district to receive the vaccine.

There are some alarming things and we are getting calls.  Please make sure you contact your site H&S committee with any concerns.

NW District

Nothing to report.

CUPE Metro 

Nothing to report


Nothing to report

Job related Education– Susan Hajek/Jamie Harsch

Nothing to report

Please make sure you send in your receipts as soon as your course is completed.

$12,639.08 available currently.

$500/year available to members.  New rules you can take a course that isn’t directly related to your job but to another position in the district.  Send in your application to the union office. Next meeting is April 15, 2021

Inspired Workplace Committee – Mental Health Committee

Nothing to report

Job Evaluation – Simi Hundle, Sharlene Desbiens

Nothing to report

Anti-Racism Committee– Simi Hundle

Nothing to report


Donation to Moscrop Dry Grad – Standing Donation

Unfinished business

Nothing to report

New Business

Motion to donate to $2500.00 to the local food bank


Summer School EA3 – Question as to why they are not recognized in summer school.  We will look in to it.

Most likely if the student registered are not requiring an EA3 then you wouldn’t be paid for that rate. We have an agreement that hours for summer are a minimum 4 hours.

Good of the Union

A big thank you to Virginia Kay for all her work with the union.  Good luck on your retirement and living life!

Snowball is at $1500.00 – Would have won if they had joined the zoom meeting.

Snowball 2 is at $200.00 – Would have won if they had joined the zoom meeting.


In Attendance – 107 members.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for the Zoom meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 am