Clarification on PHO vaccination discloure

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Instructions on how to log into the Zoom meetings

Joining CUPE 379 General Meetings

-You must first log onto and create a free account using your email

-Then day of meeting, make sure the device you are using is logged onto zoom with the account you created (remember the password you chose) this can be done through their app or website

-Then simply click on the zoom link you received on your account

-You can also enter the meeting ID and password provided in the meeting invite email

Long term disability and JEIS information

JEIS & LTD Information

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Joint Early Intervention Service

JEIS Procedural Manual

The PEBT sponsors a confidential Joint Early Intervention Service (JEIS), which is to complement the long term disability benefit plan by providing a proactive and timely service to Members that facilitates their return to work in a caring, safe, and timely manner.  It is an integrated part of the Core Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit. As part of the PEBT LTD program, all Members are required to participate in the JEIS program.

The PEBT funds the JEIS independent of other commitments. All local unions and school districts fully support this program.

What is the JEIS program?

The JEIS program works with Members who are ill or injured at the very beginning (by the 6th day) of their absences from work.

When Members first become ill or injured, a Health Care Management Specialist (HCMS) from Desjardins Insurance contacts them. If necessary, the HCMS follows them through their treatment and recovery and helps them return to work during the 120-day qualifying period for Core LTD benefits.

During this period, the HCMS makes sure Members receive the very best possible care and, if appropriate, a coordinated rehabilitation plan.

If Members are unable to return to work after the LTD qualifying period, the HCMS helps them transfer to the LTD program.

The JEIS program’s primary goals include:

  • Providing early identification of Members’ needs and active/caring treatment of Member health issues.
  • Facilitating the return to work (RTW) of Members.
  • Promoting open discussion and support for the JEIS by the Local Unions and School Districts at all levels.
  • Ensuring the long term viability of the Core LTD program.
  • Easing the transition to LTD, if required.

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Face Mask Chart (for sizing)

Face mask chart

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Hi CUPE members

As you are aware CUPE 379 has purchased masks for its members, after lengthy delays they have finally arrived. We have reviewed and decided on best/safest practice to distribute to all members, we realize there will be inconveniences and thank you for assisting us with the outlined procedures below.


For all sites-

Please print and post a CUPE based staff list for all members to indicate a size of mask. Once a completed staff list is provided to the CUPE office ( we will fill the order which is then to be distributed either through letter trays or by distribution through office staff. A size chart is attached to this email, with the addition of an XL being available.

Please make sure all CUPE members on your site indicate and thus receive the assigned mask. We would like to have delivery completed during the first week of return from break.

Let me know if you need assistance or have any questions.


In Solidarity

Your 379 Executive team.


CUPE roles and Education Assistants

Bulletin CUPE Roles and EAs Nov 27

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