Fall 2015 Schedule for Municipal Pension Plan Seminars.

The fall schedule for the Municipal Pension Plan free member seminars is now posted on the mpp.pensionsbc.ca  website. We’re excited to get the seminar season under way with seminars offered across BC.

Please help us promote these valuable seminars. Post the attached posters in a common area and/or distribute them to staff.

Member seminars

  • Your Pension, Your Future (1.5 hours) is for new and mid-career members.
  • Thinking About Retiring (2 hours) is for members within five years of retirement.

All plan members, including those receiving long-term disability benefits, are welcome to attend.

View the schedule or register

Please note

  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Members are responsible for their own travel and associated costs.

Host a seminar at your workplace

If you have at least 20 plan members interested in attending a Pension Information Seminar, we can come to you!

To request a seminar

  • Complete the Pension Information Seminar(s) Request form located in the Forms section of the secure employer website.
  • Fax (250 953-0415) or email (MPPseminars@pensionsbc.ca) the completed form to us.


Thank you,

Client Education Program | Pension Corporation

Access to Community & Continuing Education

CUPE Local 379 Access to Community and Continuing Education Courses


The guidelines for access by CUPE Local 379 members to Burnaby Community and Continuing Education (“BCCE”) courses are as follows:


  1. Eligible Employees: Regular full-time Burnaby CUPE Local 379 members only. A limit of two CUPE employees per class.


  1. Registration: CUPE employees will call BCCE to register. Their names will be put on a wait list. These employees will be notified one day before the start of classes if there is space for them in the courses they have selected.


  1. Course material and fees: CUPE employees must pay for any course material fees or extra instructor fees as a result of their participation. An annual fee schedule will be published.


  1. Course list: A list of courses will be made available to CUPE employees from which they can make their selection.


The guidelines for access to BCCE courses may be subject to change on an annual basis.