AUXILIARY PERSONNEL (Auxiliary Personnel includes Science Lab. Assistants, YCCW, YSW, SLP, Home and School Liaison, FSW, Crossing Guards and Student Supervisors, Welcome Centre Personnel and Strong Start Personnel).

There will be an important Auxiliary Department meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd, 3:30 pm, at the CUPE 379 Union Office ,102 – 4268 Lozells Avenue, Burnaby.

We will be electing the Auxiliary Shop Steward, the Bargaining Committee Representative as well as going over the bargaining proposals at this meeting.

**You must be present to vote.**

The term of office for the job steward position is May 2014 – April 2016.

Being a Shop Steward is a vital job.

A Shop Steward:
• receives training in collective agreement interpretation, conflict resolution, problem solving, etc.
• attends monthly CUPE Steward and Executive meetings
• is the link between the membership and the leadership of the local
• is primarily a problem solver who mediates disputes between members and represents members in meetings with teachers, principals and other administrators
• helps to resolve issues before they become full-blown problems
• ensures management lives up to its responsibilities under the collective agreement
• is a good resource of knowledge for coworkers and others with questions about the collective agreement, labour law, employer policies and how they should be applied
• has a keen interest in people and an enthusiasm for CUPE ideas and activities
• enjoys helping others and has the desire and initiative to look after the interests of fellow members
• passes on important information about union activities and encourages membership involvement in union activities

If you are interested in becoming the Auxiliary Shop Steward or Bargaining Committee Rep., or you would like to vote on who represents you… please attend the Auxiliary Department Meeting at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, April 23rd at the union office.

I look forward to seeing you!

In Solidarity,

Anna Ho
(Your present Auxiliary Shop Steward)





Shop Steward and Bargaining Rep. Elections for EAs

will be held at 3:30 pm, on April 22, at Schou Education Centre,

 4041 Canada Way, Burnaby


**You must be present to vote**

There is 1 position for EA Bargaining Committee Representative. There are 3 positions for EA Shop Stewards.

Term of office May 2014 – April 2016.

 If you are interested in becoming a Shop Steward or Bargaining Committee Rep. or you would like a vote in who represents you… Please, attend the EA Elections at 3:30 pm, on April 22, at Schou Education Centre.

**You must be present to vote**

We look forward to seeing you!

In Solidarity,

(Your present EA Shop Stewards) ​​ Dorothy Lenaghan       Alice Lee

(Your present EA Bargaining Committee Rep.) ​ Carol Kellogg


Access to Community & Continuing Education

CUPE Local 379 Access to Community and Continuing Education Courses


The guidelines for access by CUPE Local 379 members to Burnaby Community and Continuing Education (“BCCE”) courses are as follows:


  1. Eligible Employees: Regular full-time Burnaby CUPE Local 379 members only. A limit of two CUPE employees per class.


  1. Registration: CUPE employees will call BCCE to register. Their names will be put on a wait list. These employees will be notified one day before the start of classes if there is space for them in the courses they have selected.


  1. Course material and fees: CUPE employees must pay for any course material fees or extra instructor fees as a result of their participation. An annual fee schedule will be published.


  1. Course list: A list of courses will be made available to CUPE employees from which they can make their selection.


The guidelines for access to BCCE courses may be subject to change on an annual basis.



Pacific Blue Cross – memo regarding benefits and direct pay drug card.

Great new system, same great coverage

Our new health and dental system arrives on April 4th.

We’re about to open the door to a new health and dental system designed to improve the benefits claiming experience.

This is a major transformation. To ensure everything goes smoothly, Pacific Blue Cross pay direct and online claims services will be suspended for one week right before the new system goes live.

Pay Direct Drug Card and eClaims service suspension: March 27 to April 3, 2014.

How will you be affected?

• If you have pay direct coverage, your Pay Direct Drug Card (your ID card), will be unable to reimburse you automatically at the pharmacy during this time.

• You will be unable to submit e-Claims on CARESnet®.

What do you need to do?

Fill your prescriptions before March 27

• If you know you have a prescription refill scheduled between March 27 and April 3, fill it early. Pacific Blue Cross will reimburse pay direct claims for early refills in March.

Save your receipts

• If you are prescribed a new medication between March 27 and April 3, pay for the prescription and mail your receipt to Pacific Blue Cross for reimbursement.

• If the cost of covering the entire prescription will cause you financial hardship, ask your pharmacist to dispense a small supply to carry you through the one-week suspension.

For CARESnet eClaim users

• Submit your eClaims before March 27 or after our new system is live on April 4.

• Mail an Extended Health Care Claim form with your receipts to Pacific Blue Cross.

Download Extended Health Care Claim forms from CARESnet.

What will change on April 4, 2014?

Benefit policy and ID numbers will change. Your coverage will not be affected.


• CARESnet will have a new look, new features and be much easier to navigate.

• When you log back in to CARESnet after April 4, you will see your new policy and/or ID number. Record this number because you will need it for all future logins.

• CARESnet will accept eClaims for more services including podiatry, naturopathy, acupuncture, podiatry, psychology and monthly orthodontic treatments.

ID cards (Pay Direct Drug Cards)

• You will receive a new ID card in the mail showing your new policy and ID numbers. Due to high mail volume, it could be up to 90 days before you receive your new card. In the meantime, continue to use your old card or download a copy of your new one from CARESnet.

• When you receive your new ID card, discard your old card and show the new one to your pharmacist and dentist.

• New ID cards will not list your dependents, if you have them. This is a security enhancement in the new system. Log in to CARESnet anytime to view your dependent information.

• If you used a Social Security Number (SIN) as policy identification, you will also receive a new ID number.


™® Pacific Blue Cross, the registered trade-name of PBC Health Benefits Society, is an independent licensee of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans. BC Life is the registered trade-name of British Columbia Life & Casualty Company,

a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Blue Cross. Only Pacific Blue Cross/BC Life can change the information in this document. Any other modification is strictly prohibited. 0682.002.02 02/14 CUPE 1816

Pilot one-year common school calendar for the 2013/2014 school year




No. 41 (BURNABY)

(hereinafter referred to as the “District”)




(hereinafter referred to as the “Union”)

 The parties agree to the following terms and conditions of employment with respect to the pilot one-year common school calendar for the 2013/2014 school year, which is attached hereto and forms part of this Letter of Understanding.

1.a School Term employees working 20 hours or more per week for the full school year, in the classifications listed below, shall work additional minutes per week (as outlined in paragraph 1b) as compensation for the loss of work due to the extension of Spring Break to two weeks.  This time will be paid on the regular bi-weekly pay process and shown on the timecards as such.  Due to the various bell schedules in the district the additional minutes per week are to be used by the employee in consultation with and under the direction of the Principal/Administrator .


  • Deaf/Blind Intervenor
  • Early Learning Facilitator
  • Educational Assistant
  • Educational Assistant III – Autism
  • Food Service Worker
  • Settlement Worker
  • Science Lab Assistant
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Sign Language Interpreter II
  • Visually Impaired Program Assistant
  • Youth and Child Care Worker  – Connect Workers
  • Youth and Child Care Worker – Intensive Behavior Support
  • Youth and Child Care Worker – Youth Engagement Worker
  • Youth and Child Care Worker – Immigrant Youth


1.b It is agreed that any time worked due to the additional minutes being added to the school day as a result of the pilot one-year common school calendar for the 2013/2014 school year that exceeds the full-time hours of work shall be paid at straight time.  Overtime rates will not apply.

The additional minutes per week are calculated based on the regular number of hours worked each week as outlined below:

Regular hours worked per week Additional minutes per week for new calendar
20 – 24.5 30 minutes
25 – 27 35 minutes
27.5 – 29.5 40 minutes
30 – 34.5 45 minutes
35 50 minutes

1.c Employees in the classifications above shall receive vacation pay in accordance with Clause 7 (6) at the Spring Break.

2.a School Term employees working 20 hours or more per week for the full school year, in the classifications listed below, shall be entitled to work additional hours during the first three work days in July (2 – 4) and the last two work days in August (28 – 29) of 2014 equivalent to their regular hours of work lost as a result of the five (5) closure days. These hours of work will be scheduled by the employee’s Principal/Administrator, in consultation with the employee.

  • BC School for the Deaf Secretary
  • Bookkeeper
  • Elementary School Assistant
  • Help Desk Support Technician
  • Librarian Cataloguer
  • Library Assistant
  • Library Assistant II
  • Office Support Clerk
  • Office Support Clerk – Burnaby On-Line
  • Office Support Secretary
  • On-Call Clerk
  • Provincial Outreach Program Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • School Administrative Secretary I
  • School Administrative Secretary II
  • Secondary School Assistant

2.b School Term Employees in the classifications above shall receive vacation pay in accordance with Clause 7 (6) at the Spring Break.

3.   Casual/Relief employees will not be compensated for the five (5) school closure days.

4.   Nothing in this Letter of Understanding precludes the District from reducing the hours of work or laying off staff should the need arise due to budgetary or other circumstances (for example, a reduction of funding due to fewer students, loss of grants, EA change in hours, etc.).

5.   This agreement is without prejudice and is only for the 2013/2014 school year.

Dated this _______ day of __________, 2013.


________________                                                  _______________                                         

For the District                                                            For the Union