July 9th Updated Information

We have been informed that the Teachers will be picketing sites during the summer.

All members who are expected to work should show up at their site at the scheduled shift time.

If there are picket lines DO NOT CROSS.  If picket lines form after you have started your shift, let your supervisor know you are leaving, and vacate the building.  Please join the picket lines to show your support.

As the pickets will be rotating there will be no confirmation as to when or where they might form.

There will be no sign in sheets circulated as CUPE National has stated picket pay will cease due to the Employee Support Grant.

If you need picket signs please contact the CUPE office.

As stated those members who have still not picked up their strike pay for the first week of job action can pick up the checks at the union office.  Please call for confirmation of office hours.

In Solidarity

Paul Simpson

President, CUPE 379




Picket Pay Information!!!

If you did not receive the first week of picket pay that was on the line Friday, June 27th, the cheque will be available for pickup at the Union office  Wednesday July 2,  Thursday July 3, between 8:30am – 1:30pm

Tuesday, July 8th and Wednesday, July 9th between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Tuesday, July 15th and Wednesday, July 16th between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm.

We will post more available pick up dates through the summer months.  Cheques will not be available outside of these times.

You need to sign for your cheque and provide identification. We will only release the cheques to the recipient.

There is street parking only,  all stalls in the complex are for tenants.


All CUPE members should be showing up for their regularly scheduled work shift starting on Monday June 30th.  Spring break make time will be available to be worked next week.  If you are scheduled for any work e.g. summer school, spring break (in lieu time) or regular 12 month work, you should report to your site at the start of your shift.  If there are no picket lines you must start your scheduled shift.  IF THERE ARE PICKET LINES – DO NOT CROSS, if picket lines form after you are on shift, leave your site, and join the line.



Picket Pay!!

Picket pay cheques will be available tomorrow (Friday, June 27th). The cheques will cover picketing up to June 20th.

The Picket Captains will be delivering the cheques to the members on the picket lines. Please go to the picket line you have been picketing at.

You need to sign for the cheque, nobody can sign for you and you can’t sign for anyone else.

You will need to show identification to receive the cheque.




Monday, June 23, 2014


CUPE 379 members ratified their collective agreement last night. Over 400 members showed up with 98% voting in favour of accepting the Provincial Framework agreement to be attached to our current local contract.  On behalf of the bargaining team I thank you for your support.

Moving forward this means the Burnaby Board of Education will need to ratify the agreement.

Once this is done they will begin processing the Employee Support Grant as soon as possible.  We will enter into discussions with the board, if necessary, as to who is covered under this grant.  The Unions position is to make all members whole.  For the 12 month employees their pay, (once the loss of wages due to job action pay is complete) will continue as normal (every 2 weeks).

We expect our members to continue to walk with the teachers, in SOLIDARITY, throughout their job action. This week is expected to continue with the Strike/Lockout picket lines.  We will update our members as soon as we have information on the June 30th week.

In Solidarity

Paul Simpson,

CUPE 379 President




Contract Ratification Meeting!

Sunday June 22nd, 7pm at Burnaby Central, 6011 Deer Lake Parkway, Burnaby

We will be holding our ratification meeting on the proposed contract this Sunday.

Agenda;  Guest speaker, presentation on proposals, discussion, vote

As per CUPE 379 Bylaws, the Memorandum of Agreement we are voting on are as follows;

I appreciate the understanding that we are in a unique situation as members are not at work.  Please utilize your contacts to spread the word regarding this important meeting on Sunday.

Babysitting and a Sign Language Interpreter will be provided.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 379 Bargaining Committee